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Guest Quarters

First, take a look at our guest quarters in the photos below.  Rates and other guest quarter information is at the bottom of this page.   Enjoy!   Come to see us soon!

 Hit the Hay Next to your Horse.” 
We are not a hotel, motel or even a B&B; but our cozy, cute guest quarters located in the barn will allow you to rest, relax and restore after a fun day of trail riding, hiking, swimming, fishing, caving or any other acceptable outdoor recreation you can conjure up.  Choose your bunk from the 12 guest quarters with special pricing offered for extended stays and multiple room rentals on a case by case need. 
BOOGIE BARN FOR YOUR EVENT!!! For large groups, we have a barn available for rent for reunions, parties, camping groups, musical events and much more.  There are multiple picnic tables, couches, a bar, a movie screen (bring your projector!) under a pole barn accomodating rain outs.  Included is an indoor kitchen area, half bath and sitting room and there is a loft if you want to throw a sleeping bag out to sleep over (camping rates may apply depending on set up of rental).  The outdoor stage has already been used for a group of about 700 campers and other smaller groups for multiple musicians to perform for crowds.  The music is sweet flowing out of the hollow!  The acoustics are great!   So plan your event in one of the most beautiful outdoor staging areas you can imagine special made by our Creator. 



Bull’s Head Saloon (7 Room Guest Quarters Area – Rent One or Rent All 7!)

Entering the doors, you feel as if you just stepped into an old saloon/boarding house in a Wild West Gold Rush town.  The bull head is of an unknown, mysterious origin yet to be discovered.  These quarters contain 7 guest bunks, a common kitchen and 2 shared full bathrooms:  

Blacksmith Bunk – The original horse shoe room, circa 1986.  Queen Bed   $75/Night  

Big Sky – View from here must have been imported from Montana by wagon train.  Queen Bed   $75/Night  

Cowgirl’s Closet - Every cowboy’s dream is to sleep in a cowgirl’s closet.  Queen Bed.   $75/Night  

Bare Back – Not much room here, but use your imagination. Queen Bed.   $75/Night  

Barn Loft – Hope you’re an early riser.  You may be awakened by the sound of hoofbeats in the barn below.  Great room for parents with kids.  2 Queen Beds/Sleeps Four.   $95/Night  

Gold Buckle Dreams – Sweet dreams of the mother lode available for a small fee.  Queen Bed.   $75/Night  

Wrangler - Check under bed for stowaway cowboys.  Queen Bed.  $75 Night  


Cowboy Roost (3 Room Guest Quarters Area – Rent One or Rent All 3!!!)

Mosy on in.  Eight (or more if you like!) can rustle up some chow at the big pine table in arm’s reach of a full kitchen.  Includes a sleeper sofa if you need a nap.  Three rooms and a full bath with stand up shower.  Sleeps 7 as a whole sleeping unit unless you get creative with air mattresses.  We’re flexible and want our guests to have what they need.  

Buffalo Bill – In honor of the Wild West show cowboy.  Start your wild west day from here.  Queen Bed   $75/Night  

Buckin’ Chute – Not much wider than a buckin’ chute.  Perfect for little buckaroos.  Joins the bathroom!  2 Bunk Beds   $75/Night  

Rhinestone – A room with a BIG view.  No rhinestones found here.  Leave some if you like.  We just like the name!  Queen Bed   $75/Night  

Bunk Room Hourly Fees  (If you just need a kitchen to cook in or serve from for a one day event and the guest quarters are not rented.)

Daytime 9 am – 5pm    $10.00 Per Hour         6 Hour Min        Up to 2 People, $5/per additional person  

Evening 5 pm – until      $6.50 Per Hour          12 Hour Min      Up to 2 People, $5/per additional person  

Additional Costs:  

One Time Clean Up Fee    $15.00 Per Room  

All Applicable Taxes Apply (7% Lodging at this Time)  

Deposit at Time of Booking  is $50.00. It is refundable less a $25 processing fee with a 24 hour cancellation notice; or you can use your bucks toward a future activity here at the ranch.  I hate we have to do this, but we have found otherwise people will not call to cancel their reservations.   Sorry you have to set an example for those bad kids out there.  LOL  

Pet Friendly Policy – Leashed dogs allowed in designated guest quarters for a $10 fee per pet.  This is a ranch and there are dogs roaming the grounds.  Pets must be friendly and play well with others.  In other words, “Parents, make your kids behave!”  

Non -Smoking Policy – This is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is allowed outdoors away from the barns and people.  Deposit will be forfeited if cigarette butts, or any trash for that matter, is found on the grounds anywhere.  Keep the grounds beautiful!  (If there is a butt on the ground, it had better be attached to your legs.  A little humor to lighten the effect of all these policies made for those who don’t play well with others.)  

Green Policy – We encourage our guests to work with us to make our planet a better, greener place for our future.  We provide 2 towels, 1 hand towel and 2 washrags per room.  If this is not sufficient, please request additional as needed.  Also, in main barn are receptacles for plastic, paper, etc. for recycling.  Suggestions to make the ranch greener are welcomed.  Thank you for helping us keep our planet green!  

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. We are not licensed to provide food service; but we offer a full kitchen in the common area of each section of rooms (fridge, stove, microwave, coffee pot) with dishes and cooking necessities for your convenience.  It is about a 15 minute drive to the local grocery store, drug store, and restaurants in Stevenson.   There are some ice trays in each freezer, but if you need a lot, be sure to bring a bag.  


Future Option Not Yet Available for Rent:
Bunkaroo Suite – Apartment style with private bedroom (queen bed), bunk room with 4 WWII bunk beds, and a sleep sofa in the common area. Common area has a sitting area, dining area, full kitchen and bath. Sleeps 8.